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during the university of oregon. >>> football history, history making day in oakland. >> eagles quarterback nick foles tie as record. the bad news, it was against the raiders. sports wrap is next. [ music ] >>> good evening. welcome to sports wrap. expectations were high today for the raiders who were coming off a win, had a chance to go .500. at home against the philadelphia eagles who have been up and down all year. unfortunately for oakland the eagles were up. nick foles firing to cooper in the 2nd quarter for 17 yards and a score. haden because the defender who got beat on that play. he falls down. 63-yard touchdown. 21-3. mcfadden with a injury. jennings had a good day in his place. 8-yard run. 21-10 but a bad afternoon for the secondary. all by himself. that pass. we stay local. jackson streaking down the right sideline. a 46-yard play. 42-13 eagles in the 3rd quarter. still more to come. the third time in the afternoon. nick foles ties a record with 7 touchdown passes, 406 yards. the raiders fall to 3-5 on the wrong end of a 49-20 score. the coach had a simple explanation
is the 12:30. and san jose state is in las vegas to play unlc. kickoff there at 1:00. tomorrow the eagles are playing at the coliseum. we have a preview in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. for a rebuilding team like the raiders, sunday's game is huge. they are 3-4. they are playing four sub-.500 teams in a row starting with philly. they can beat the raiders. they are 4-4 at the halfway mark for only the third time in the past decade. torrell provider getting better and better. he will face the coach that he turned down. chip kelly was at oregon before he took over as the eagles head coach. pryer would have become a duck if not for location. >> oregon is pretty far and my mother likes to watch me play, and obviously i couldn't afford to have her transportation or flights and stuff to get out there. >> it's been a tough year for the cal football team. they are 1-7, trying snap a six-game losing streak this afternoon in berkeley as they host arizona. cal's biggest problems, by far, on defense. giving up 44 points and 540 yards per game. among the very worst in the country.
the philadelphia eagles at the coliseum with a chance to get to .500 on the year. kickoff 1:05. yesterday cal tried to win their first pac-12 game of the year against arizona. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the cal bears looked like they might break their six-game losing streak yesterday hosting arizona, but it was not to be. this is becoming a long season for cal players, coaches and fans. learning a lot in this season. goes one way and to kenny. 17 yards for his first career touchdown. cal down 5 at the half. third quarter, lawler makes the spectacular catch. but right before the quarter ends, bj with his third rushing touchdown of the game. denker, 262 yards in the air, 44 on the ground. cal falls to 1-8. 0-6 in pac-12 play with the loss to arizona. >> losing is the worst feeling of and even though i had three touchdowns, i fell good about it, but i would have melt even better if we had the win. >> you know, he's been up and done the whole year. he's come into his own now and made three great plays for me and that's what he's been doing all yea
, rich monday and fran. football, we've got the eagles taking on the raiders. should be nicer than last week. temperatures in the loaf low 60s. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. wa you're going to see the this area of high pressure is going to give away as we head into the weekend sxp when it does give away, we're going to have temperatures drop as far as about five to ten degrees by sunday and monday. the checker won't work. i'll wrap up right now. here's layla. >> mike is doing his best over here. >> batteries. i need batteries. >> we've had two sig alerts, one of which is only going to protect you if you are heading out to lake tahoe. as we take you into that area, eastbound side of 180. all lanes remain blocked with a 13 mile back updue to a three-car crash involve ago big rig. it was carrying fruits and vegetables. all eastbound lanes still remain blocked. no word yet as to when that's going to get picked up. now back into the bay area, northbound 680 at scott creek road. we have this sig alert in effect. 7 miles per hour is going to be to happen your top speed due to an ea
wrong. >>> good morning. the raiders had a top ten nfl defense entering their game with the eagles. well, what happened to it? john maddon was there because it looked like a video game. nick foles tied an nfl record with seven touchdown passes. the raiders defense had to answer for foles who previously started eight nfl games before yesterday afternoon. they blew out the silver and black 49-20. the raiders are now 3-5. >>> scary moment from houston. texans coach gary kubiak collapses during halftime. he was listed in stable condition at the hospital last night. he never lost consciousness. he did not have a heart attack. andrew luck led a 4th quarter comeback and colts beat the texans. alex smith remains undefeated. a pick six at the goal line. one of two chiefs defensive touchdowns. they are 9-0. they went 23-13. and kenny perry clenched the season. fred couples coasted it his ninth dar rear win on the -- career win on the champions tour. it's perry going home with the schaub cup. >>> get the ready to stir up the hype machine. stanford and oregon thursday night down on the farm. we will
they matched eagles and three birdies. mcilroy caught woods with a birdie on the 14th, and pulled ahead on the 17th beating tiger by one shot for the win mcilroy pocketed $1.5 million e.a. sports announced today it was ending its 15-year relationship with woods. tiger is the namesake for the "tiger woods pga tour" video game series. warriors open the regular season wednesday at oracle arena against the lakers. steph curry says he's ready to go. . it is a great opportunity. we're getting our minds clear. so i look forward to getting out on the right foot >> and he also loves living in oakland [laughter] >> when we return/have you seen the television show shark tank?mark mcubans vehicle allows enterpurners to come on an pitch their idea.if successful.they reieved money to start their byusiness.a bysiness that has helped shane talbott hit the jack pot.shane joins us next. >> catherine: that is a difficult thing to do. >>gary: shane.. will join us, next. ♪ at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at kp.
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Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7